Starbucks Coffee Japan

Store artworks

Starbucks Coffee Japan, 2017~

Coodinate: digmeout, Osaka

Illustration : mio.matsumoto

Created 6 canvas works and the mural "wonder Farm"  for Starbucks Ginza EXITMELSA store. The mural "wonder Farm" is a fantasy farm landscape that is made by extracting people and landscapes from three coffee farms around the world and remaking the people of the farms that grow coffee and the overflowing nature on a wall that exceeds 10m in length. The six canvas works depict working people involved in Starbucks.

スターバックス銀座EXITMELSA店の壁画「wonder Farm」とキャンバス作品6点を制作。壁画「wonder Farm」は世界3箇所のコーヒー農園から人や風景を抜粋して、コーヒーを育てる農園の人々と溢れる自然を全長10mを超える壁にリメイクして描いた空想の農園風景。キャンバス6作品には、スターバックスに関わる働く人々を描いた。