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Artist. Completed MA at Royal College of Art (RCA), UK. Started her career in London. Currently based in Tokyo, she has been involved in many client works both in Japan and abroad.
Specialises in stylish, simple expression and works in a variety of fields, including art, fashion, advertising and products.Artworks for Marc by Marc Jacobs' 2006FW New York Collection, one of them was shown on the runway of the collection.
Mural and canvas artworks for Starbucks Coffee Ginza EXITMELSA store.
Original product development in collaboration witha Japanese interior shop Francfranc. Collaborations with beauty and cosmetic brands such as LUNASOL, Miller Harris and YAMAN.
Book cover Illustration for European version of Junichiro Tanizaki's "Key”, Machi Tawara's "Salad Anniversary”, and etc. 
Published own book “My Diary” from a British Publisher Jonathan Cape / Random House.

OFFICE mio.matsumoto

OFFICE mio.matsumoto is a design team centred on mio.matsumoto.
We are able to respond to a wide range of client requirements, based on the experience of working on projects with numerous companies, manufacturers and brands.
Our activities are not limited to graphic design alone and we can consistently handle a wide range of projects

Art direction

CI / VI development
Brand direction
Global branding
Product planning

Design & Illustration

Package design
Logo design
Book design
Textile design
Space design
Web design

Workshop & Exhibition

Live painting
Artist's talk
Education Work
Art communication

Our Clients
mio.matsumoto Portfolio 2024

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